Locations: Hollywood, Silverlake / Los Feliz

Hey everyone! I’m Oli. My LA roots brought me back home to get my Master's in Social Work from UCLA, but my seven years in NY and two years in Ecuador taught me to stay quick on my feet. So, if you're feeling inspired, challenge me to a speed-walking race! (I can also make a three-legged race happen, just give me some notice.)

I love fun facts, long stories, and bad puns. I also like to listen, so if you're hoping to get something off your chest, I am happy to be an ear for you.

I am based in Highland Park--and mostly walk in the areas around Los Feliz/Hollywood/Silverlake/Eagle Rock/Pasadena/Mt Washington--but I know the whole city and am pretty mobile, so let me know where you walk and we can probably work something out.

Looking forward to walking together soon!