Locations: Santa Monica, Venice

Hey there, I'm Laura and I love to be outside, share stories, and live little adventures whenever possible!

I am quite the renaissance-person, and some of my favorite things are: food, exploring and problem-solving, coffee, walking, cooking (like food but takes longer), riding my motorcycle, learning something new, and drawing.

I've had several very different "day jobs" over the years, a B.A. in Education, certification in several massage therapy techniques, and can play (a generous verb, depending on which) at least one musical instrument in each main family. I am also secretly bilingual--no one ever guesses that I am fluent in English AND in Spanish! (A que no adivinaron...)

Some things I am TRYING to be better at: painting, puns, baking (like cooking but more impossible), chess, throwing a frisbee back to a person and not eight million miles away from them, bowling, eating ALL the produce in the fridge before it goes bad.

What about you? Come out and walk! Let's move and let's talk! Also, I am most keen on being both thoughtful and prepared at all times, so please don't be shy about communicating any needs or special interests. And if you forget your sunscreen, don't worry, I've got you covered.

...ha, you see what I did there?