I'm from the delightful town of Santa Barbara, where I almost never walked anywhere except for down the main drag on State Street and along those beautiful sandy beaches sometimes. Then I moved to New York for 12 years and got my walkin' chops and returned to LA a year and a half ago, and couldn't kick the habit. Now I'm trying to walk on every street in my neighborhood (Silver Lake) and I love exploring other parts of town as well.

I'm also a comedy writer! I've do all kinds of live comedy - improv, sketch, storytelling - and I love comedy television and could talk for days about my favorite sitcoms - both the classics (The Office, Parks and Rec) but also about what I'm loving right now (Detroiters, Younger).

Aside from my number one love of TV, I enjoy cooking things like bread and yogurt, taking care of my plants, taking care of other people's animals, watching soccer (world cup!), and going camping and hiking - I'm currently training to hike Mt. Whitney... and you'll see I have a long ways to go. I also worked as a software developer at Venmo for 3 years and I love answering questions about (what I hope is) your favorite payments app.

I've been on hundreds (seriously) of walking tours in dozens of cities and countries around the world, and I love learning local trivia, so wherever we walk, I'll try and find some cool sights and oddities along the way if you're into that kind of thing. Beyond all those discoveries, my favorite thing about walking around LA has been the people that I've met along the way, and I'd love for you to be one of them.