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Locations: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Westwood

Walking is my way of getting a fresh start on a brand new day. I try and not use my phone (unless it is for a specific purpose like listening to an inspiring book on Audible or some untried music). Sometimes I find forgotten corners of the community which need attention and may seek out local officials to understand how they're being addressed. Walking is a great way to take my yoga practice off the mat and increase good posture and alignment. Mental benefits can be gained when you have time to process the prior days events and plan for the day ahead with a companion. The history of these neighborhoods is truly interesting. People's choices about landscaping are nice to look at, which makes my walks like being at the LA Arboretum! There are AMAZING trees. My love of walking deepened during the 10 years I lived in Paso Robles. I spent many a pleasant day wandering and thinking about John Steinbeck and wondered about the early settlers of the area. Now I amuse myself by collecting photos of sidewalk stamps from early developers of L.A. I'd be so happy to share some time with you on a standard, stop-and-smell the roses stroll in Beverly Hills, WeHo, Westwood or Century City bright and early each day! "Not all those who wander are lost"-Tolkien