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Locations: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Mid Wilshire

Do you dream of traveling the world? I made my dream come true.

After receiving a degree in Engineering Management from SMU in Dallas, Texas, I began my career in Fort Worth. I started out in retail analytics with a geo-locational focus. After a couple of years, one of my high school friends was opening a store for Vineyard Vines back in my hometown, Memphis, and he needed someone to help run their inventory system. I became his guy. In the four years I was there, I maintained inventory, but I found out that I had a natural skill on the floor selling. From there we opened a new store in Nashville. After some changes in my personal life, I needed to get back into the technology world. So I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to work for an electronic medical record company. This job required that I travel, a lot. I got used to life on the road. I could not handle the cold winters, so I left in search of warmth. Due to a non-compete, I found myself back in Memphis, tending bar at a new brewery. This was a great time with amazing people, but once the NC ended, I was back on the road, or should I say runway? My next placement took me all the way to Saudi Arabia. From there, I used the international airport hubs as springboards taking me from wonder to wonder. Even when I moved back stateside, I kept my passion for exploration. All in all, I have visited all 50 states, 50 countries, all of the New Seven World Wonders, six continents, and six of the natural wonders.

Now that I am living in LA, I would love to spend some time and try to help you explore the world while we walk and talk.