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Locations: Silverlake / Los Feliz, Downtown Los Angeles

Hi. I'm Christian. Designer. Runner. Sculptor of Sterling Subjects and Pyrite Predicates. Northern Soul in Southern California. I Grew Up All over the States and Europe never Living Anywhere for more than Three Years until attending University in Texas.

Six Years Ago, I was Hired to Do the Menswear for a Friend's Clothing Line out Here. And a Few Years after Moving Hear, I don't know what it was Exactly, but I decided to Stop Driving Downtown to Work, instead I Walk. Pretty Much Everywhere. Since Doing So I have Noticed Significant Improvements in my Moods and Go Figure, the Clothes that I Design even Fit Me Better. Although I Certainly Possess the Gift of Gab, I am no Stranger to Flexing my Listening Muscles. Lookin' Forward to Walking with You!