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Locations: Silverlake / Los Feliz


"Life isn't about finding y0uRseLf, Life is about cReAting yourself"

my name is Aster. i was conceived in Greece, born and raised in Connecticut. After living in countries like Greece and Brazil, i recently moved to Los Angeles, and happy to say i finally found my home. i truly love my neighborhood of Los Feliz, and believe the best way to explore a city is to utilize its streets through walking.
As a genuine people, animal, nature And city lover, sharing stories while walking, for me is priceless.
I L0ve the ARt of Acting, wRiting, fiLm, phiL0sophy, ARchiteCture, ARt, EntRepreneuRship, viNtAge cARs, m0toRCycLes, cL0thes, AntiQues, and stiMuLAting c0nversAtions.
A few more things i love are hiking, the beach, greek islands, sunrises, sunsets, vegan food, And the hobby i acquired 3 years ago, taking film of nAture on my iPhone.
i am a professional driver, who has driven school buses, limo buses, and high end performance vehicles, on the beautiful streets of Connecticut And Manhattan in new york city, while very slowly growing my home based business in health And wellness.
i speak fluent greek, and understand some brazilian - portugese.
I will look forward to walking with you!