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Locations: Westwood, Burbank

I am the co-founder of The People Walker. I'm originally from Los Angeles, and no matter how hard I've tried I have not been able to leave. Partly because 50 degrees feels like absolute zero to me.

I have traveled to over twenty countries, from the temples in Cambodia to the steps of Machu Picchu. I am an avid adventure seeker and love to tell and hear good stories. I'm also an attorney, and started and successfully ran a law firm for 4 years before deciding to jump into entrepreneurship. I've watched The Office from beginning to end at least 19 times and would be pretty certain that if Jeopardy had a The Office category I would sweep all the questions.

I speak two languages (English and Farsi), and pretend like I understand another two (Spanish and French). Looking forward to meeting all of you!