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Hey there! Allegra here, I'm an LA native so I've been walking these mean streets my whole life and I love making new pals while on the move. I've worked in mobile app development, television development and as an arts & culture journalist for outlets like Variety, Mashable and USA Today. Right now, I'm a restaurant critic and culinary concierge at The Infatuation, where I'm helping people find some of the best meals of their lives right here in LA. I'm a podcast fiend, a knitting fanatic, a feminist book club member, and I have been lucky enough to strut my way through many corners of the world (favorite cities by foot: Tokyo, Barcelona, Jerusalem). Suffice to say, I've got a range of interests and I love sharing them with others. Whether you want to keep it light and talk about last night's episode of your guilty pleasure show, or you're trying to go as deep as contemplating the human condition, I'm ready for ya. My eight-year-old cousin says I'm the best listener she knows, and I'm pretty sure adults agree. Let's roll!